Frequently asked questions

What is PEAK Media Group?

PEAK Media Group is a New Jersey based video production and digital marketing agency that works closely with a variety of brands and businesses to create digital media for advertising on social media, and digital platforms.

How can PEAK Media Group help my business?

PEAK Media Group specializes in digital media services, including video production, photography, social media, content creation, and web design. Our team of experts can help your business find its footing online and create customized digital marketing strategies that drive results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your digital presence.

Where is PEAK Media Group Located?

PEAK Media Group is located in Central New Jersey, and works with businesses and brands all throughout the United States.

Are your services limited to corporate work only?

While PEAK Media Group has a rich history in corporate work, we are not limited to that!

As a team of creatives, we are passionate about creating digital media in various styles. Our expertise extends beyond corporate projects and includes music videos, YouTube series, short films, and more. We are always excited to explore different genres and collaborate with clients to bring their creative vision to life, regardless of the style or genre of the project.

How can I contact PEAK Media Group?

You can contact our team by emailing, or visiting the contact page on our website.